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Newark  Fire Department 

 Newark Vol. Fire Dept. is a fully volunteer department, with 25 members currently. We ran 688 call last year, with 54 Structure fires, 37 Grass fires, 15 Vehicle fires, 32 Major accidents, 402 Medical call and then the rest in other call areas. Our district covers 17.3 square miles and we service the Cities of Newark, Aurora and the Wise and Tarrant counties. 


Newark Fire Dept holds an ISO insurance rating of a 4 - 4Y in our entire district. We are Very proud to have lowered that from a 7-9.  

Newark Fire Dept is currently needing day time volunteers to help cover medical and fire calls. We also accept out of district members requiring 4, 8 hour shifts a month plus training. We offer free training with fire school and EMT - Basic schools offered when you qualify. We train 3 times a month with one of the classes being taught by Weatherford College.  

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