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Officer of the Year 2022

Lieutenant Jay Killough

Lieutenant Jay Killough emerged as the recipient of the esteemed 2022 Officer of the Year accolade, due to his exceptional leadership skills and remarkable adaptability. In 2022, Lieutenant Killough spearheaded the implementation of a technology based truck signoff process utilizing digital forms—an innovative approach in the fire service known for its resistance to change. With nearly four decades of experience with the Newark FD, Killough has witnessed numerous transformations in practices and technology. He not only embraces positive changes for the department but also draws upon his extensive expertise to elucidate the reasons behind established protocols. Amidst a rapidly evolving world, Lieutenant Killough remains a steadfast and unwavering figure, serving as a constant source of stability and reliability. 

Firefighter of the Year 2022

FF Jonathan Quinteros

Firefighter Jonathan Quinteros received the prestigious 2022 Firefighter of the Year award for his outstanding contributions. Quinteros not only excelled in his role as a firefighter but also took on the responsibility of instructing our probationary firefighters, imparting his valuable knowledge and strong work ethic. His unwavering dedication to physical fitness, continuous training, and remarkable performance on the fire ground truly embodies the essence of an exemplary firefighter. It is these exceptional qualities that rightfully earned him the well-deserved title of Firefighter of the Year in 2022.

Rookie of the Year 2022

FF/EMT Clayton Cooper

Firefighter Clayton Cooper achieved the honor of being named the 2022 Rookie of the Year, recognizing his remarkable progression within the fire service over the past 18 months. Since becoming a full member, Cooper's dedication led him to acquire his EMT-B certification and driver/operator signoff, while also making valuable contributions as part of the NFD training staff, nurturing the growth of our upcoming firefighters. Beyond his professional achievements, FF Cooper's infectious laughter brings joy to the department, making him a cherished personality during shifts. Undoubtedly, his outstanding performance and positive impact make him an exceptionally deserving recipient of the Rookie of the Year award, and we eagerly anticipate the impressive accomplishments he will continue to achieve in the future.

EMT of the Year 2022

FF/EMT Jason Snow

The EMT of the Year Award acknowledges an emergency medical technician who exemplifies outstanding performance in delivering emergency medical services, primarily focusing on prehospital patient care. In 2022, FF Jason Snow displayed exceptional expertise and provided exceptional care to every patient he attended to. Moreover, he has positively influenced the quality of care provided by our firefighters through his role as an EMS instructor for NFD.

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