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Officer of the Year 2023

Lieutenant John Torres

In 2023, Officer John Torres was recognized as the Officer of the Year for his invaluable contributions to our fire department. His dedication to excellence in pump operator training has significantly enhanced the skills and preparedness of our firefighting team. Additionally, his meticulous approach to apparatus maintenance has ensured the reliability and functionality of our equipment, crucial for effective emergency response. Beyond his technical expertise, Officer Torres's exemplary leadership has fostered a culture of teamwork and professionalism within our department, inspiring his colleagues to perform at their best. His commitment to service and tireless efforts have undoubtedly made our community safer, and his impact will be felt for years to come.

Firefighter of the Year 2023

FF Stan Chwojdak

In 2023, Stan Chwojdak was honored as the Firefighter of the Year for his unwavering dedication to excellence in our department. Stan's commitment to training has been exemplary, consistently going above and beyond to hone his skills and share his knowledge with his fellow firefighters. Moreover, his dependability has been a cornerstone of our team's success, with Stan always stepping up when needed most. What truly sets Stan apart is his willingness to tackle the less glamorous aspects of the job with enthusiasm and diligence. Whether it's completing routine maintenance tasks or handling apparatus checkoffs, Stan approaches every responsibility with the same level of professionalism and determination. His selfless dedication to serving our community and his peers makes him a role model for firefighters everywhere.

Rookie of the Year 2023

FF Justin Helmer

In 2023, Justin Helmer emerged as the Rookie of the Year, leaving an indelible mark on our firefighting team with his remarkable contributions. Justin's immediate impact on the fire ground was nothing short of exceptional, demonstrating both courage and skill beyond his years of service. His "never quit" attitude in the face of adversity has inspired us all, propelling our team forward even during prolonged incidents amidst the relentless heat of this past summer. Beyond his firefighting prowess, Justin's proficiency in technical skills has significantly enhanced our apparatus, improving their efficiency and reliability. Yet, what truly sets Justin apart is his infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude, making him a joy to work with on every assignment. His dedication, spirit, and camaraderie embody the finest qualities of a firefighter, earning him this well-deserved recognition.

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EMT of the Year 2023

Captain / EMT-P Rusty Peace

In 2023, Rusty Peace was honored as the EMT of the Year, recognizing his exceptional dedication and contributions to our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team. Rusty's unwavering commitment to expanding EMS training has elevated the skills and preparedness of our entire department, ensuring that we deliver the highest standard of care to those in need. His initiative in spearheading the community CPR program has give NFD the power to empowered countless individuals with life-saving skills, leaving a lasting impact on our community's health and safety. As EMS captain, Rusty's exemplary leadership has been instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork within our department, guiding and inspiring his colleagues to perform at their best. Rusty Peace's tireless efforts and visionary leadership have undoubtedly made a significant difference in the lives of many, embodying the essence of service and compassion in the field of emergency medical care.

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